Instagram Launches "Drops" Feature on Its Shopping Tab

  • Elijah Martin
  • 28 May 2021

It has been a year since Instagram introduced a Shopping tab to the app. Now, we will get a new section named ‘Drops’ in which users can see different products that are on trend.

When you go to the Shopping screen, you will be able to see items that are selling fast and also take a sneak peek at the upcoming releases. It is possible to buy products that you see right from Instagram, as there is a Checkout system in place. Another useful feature is that you can bookmark any items, share them with others, and also get reminders regarding any future Drops.

Right now, Instagram is moving in the direction of monetizing the app and offering a wider range of e-commerce functions. With the addition of the Shopping section and various related features, they will most likely take a certain percent from purchases made directly from Instagram. While the world still suffers from the pandemic, this plan has not been fully realized yet, as the company tries to support businesses during difficult times.

What do you think about Instagram becoming a go-to place for shopping? Tell us what you think about this topic and how this change will affect the future of the app.

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