Instagram Now Allows Posting from Mac

  • Alexander Brown
  • 24 Jun 2021

With no advertisement and no announce, Instagram rolls out the new feature, and quite an unexpected one. Now Mac users can create posts via the website, along with browsing their feeds, reacting to pictures, and using direct messages. This is a great breakthrough for those who treat their accounts professionally and publish edited photos with carefully written captions. Just press the “+” button in the top right corner and add the pictures from your Photos gallery or from Finder. 

It looks even stranger if we remember that initially Instagram was only meant for mobile phones. Even despite this step towards Mac users, Instagram still does not have a decent iPad app that allows posting and viewing pictures there. What’s even stranger, iPad users cannot even post pictures via Safari, no matter what Apple says about “complete desktop experience”.

Not all Mac users can post their freshly photoshopped pictures right away, though. The feature becomes available gradually, and it’s not clear how it unfolds. Reportedly, PC users will also soon be able to post from their computers. It’s not clear either how long Instagram and WhatsApp will ignore iPads, even though iOS 15 makes the iPhone apps run better on tablets.

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