Meta to Create New Ad Targeting Solutions and Improve Auto Targeting

  • Alexander Brown
  • 17 Oct 2022

Personalized ad targeting has been one of the staples for Meta’s success. Now, with new data privacy policies implemented, the company behind Facebook and Instagram should search for new methods of bringing ads to the right audience, to recompence for the losses it had. And it seems to have generated some new methods, which it has recently announced.

The new methods, in short, should be more data-protective and at the same time should be attractive enough for advertisers, showing the right ads to the right consumers. The recent announcement implies Meta has developed something that keeps every side of the process satisfied. The new ad suite is called Advantage, and it uses the power of AI-based tools and ad automation at which Meta has been excelling.

This targeting automation product uses Custom Audience tool to help advertisers reach more potential customers. Custom Audiences is the tool that helps advertisers find their actual customers among Facebook users with an array of extra tools which analyze user behavior and use Meta SDK to transfer user fata from Facebook and Instagram to advertisers’ apps or websites. Custom Audiences are made of users who have already been interacting with the merchant’s app or website, so they have given the advertisers all the necessary permissions.

Then, Facebook builds the new audience for the ad by a certain advertiser by matching the parameters of its Custom Audience with its other users. Thus, the private user data won’t be used without consent (which is already given by the Custom Audience members), and other users’ data won’t be used outside Facebook or Instagram.

How do you think this new technology will perform? Do you expect ads to become more relevant and less annoying when this new solution launches? Tell us what you think about it in the comments if you wish!


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