Microsoft Teams Mobile Apps Finally Updated

  • Taylor Anderson
  • 26 Jun 2021

Those who had cast a look upon the leaked Windows 11 image may have noticed that Microsoft Teams has an important place there. It’s meant to replace Skype gradually, but this will take a while. Some updates, though, are already due today, especially in mobile Teams apps. So Microsoft rolls them out today.

The iOS Teams app finally gets a feature that has to be in any messaging app: search. Now you can search within your contacts and messages equally and enjoy suggestions as you start entering. Another new feature coming straight from desktops is ability to view attached files right in details tabs of meetings. Also it allows you to suggest other related files.

As for the Android app, it now lets you join the meeting that already has started, from either a smartphone or a tablet. And, as all your meetings are requalified as online meetings, it makes it easier to exchange links with colleagues who plan (or need though they don’t know yet) to attend the same meeting.

Probably we will see more updates that bring mobile Teams experience closer to the desktop version. Microsoft is serious about making Teams its key tool for communication, so we may witness the beginning of an incredible update parade.


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