New ‘Arcane’ Series on Netflix Invite You to the League of Legends World

  • Mya Martinez
  • 10 Nov 2021

It has been a long time coming and finally, the ‘Arcane’ series set in the League of Legends world has been released. While a strategy game is extremely popular, it has become obvious that telling the entire story of League of Legends requires another format, such as an animated series. What is great about this new show is that it’s easy to get into and enjoy even if you are not at all familiar with the world of the game.

‘Arcane’ includes 9 episodes and it is a fantasy fairytale that takes you on a journey filled with different dangers and magic. In the series, two scientists are trying to find a way to use magic powers in different tools, weapons, and more. There are several main characters around which ‘Arcane’ centers, including Vi, who is well-known to the fans of the game.

As it was mentioned, one of the best things about ‘Arcane’ is that it’s easy to understand and follow regardless of your previous experience with League of Legends. You don’t need to know anything about popular characters or study the previous history of the world, because the animated show is mostly focused on an origin story. If you are already a fan and know everything, it is still a chance to get a better understanding of characters, where they came from, and what made them into who they are.

While ‘Arcane’ is not revolutionary and follows tropes of its genre, it is enjoyable to watch. This includes both its stylish visuals and well-executed action that keep you on the edge of your seat. The show features stunning concept art and the highest quality of motion graphics, so it’s definitely an absolute treat. 

Are you a fan of League of Legends or completely new to this world? What are your thoughts on ‘Arcane’? Please, tell us what you think about these series in the comments below.

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