New Design for the Google Weather App Will Soon Be Available

  • Alexander Brown
  • 26 May 2021

The widely used Weather app for Android has looked the same for a while now. Google is not known for changing app designs too often, but it is now time for the Weather app to get different visuals. The redesign has already started appearing on some devices. While the features remain the same, it’s nice to see another interface for a change.

What is immediately apparent is that different elements of the Material Theme are now a part of the app. The tab indicators have been updated and now include 10 days, Tomorrow, and Today. With the new design, the search bar has rounded corners while the navigation drawer has been moved to the upper right corner. When it comes to the weather data, it is still taken from the same source –

The redesign is still in its beta stage and there are some bugs that need fixing. The status bar in the app currently seems too bright, even when you choose the dark theme. It’s obvious that Google developers are still working on the app and will probably fix any issues in the near future.

Do you use the Weather app? Are you satisfied with its design? Share in the comments below how you would change this application.

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