New Moderator Feature Will Make Instagram Live Streams a Safer Experience

  • Elijah Martin
  • 14 Mar 2022

Instagram, the most popular photo-sharing platform around the globe, has recently introduced a new moderator tool to help content creators better manage their IG live feeds. The new feature enables authors to appoint a moderator from their live stream audience who will be in charge of handling viewers and their comments.

The new moderator option provides app users with enhanced capacity to manage the flow of content within a specific live broadcasting stream more efficiently. Moderators entrusted with the job will be able to report comments that show signs of verbal abuse or spam, disconnect viewers if they are exhibiting aggressive or offensive behaviors, and disable comments from a particular user.

The need for a more robust IG live-stream moderation toolset is perfectly justified, as there have been quite a few instances where content creators (mostly well-known authors and celebrities) have become victims of improper comments and even sexual harassment from viewers.

Real-time moderation of live broadcasting streams is a fundamentally challenging task since such events usually attract large audiences, and there are always malicious individuals who wish to take advantage of the creator's inability to respond quickly and to all. Instagram hopes that with the new moderation option in place, fewer people will think they can get away with harmful and disruptive conduct.

To start utilizing the new feature, content creators should open the Menu icon on the comment bar, after which they can appoint a specific person to moderate their streams or pick a mod from the Instagram-suggested list of users.

What do you think of the new IG live-stream moderation feature? Do you believe it can help make Instagram streams a more positive experience for everyone? Leave a comment below!

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