Pokémon Snap Adds New Courses & 20 Pokémon

  • Alexander Brown
  • 30 Jul 2021

Bandai Namco’s super-successful 2021 release, Pokémon Snap, added 20 more Pokémon and courses to the game. On August 3, the free update introduced 3 more areas for exploration and a roster of new 3D creatures. More details are below. 

What’s In?

The three new exploration courses include:

  • Mightywide River – ride down the river on Belusylva Island, and do the exciting research while on the move. Beware of rapids, though, as they can mess up your pics. 
  • Barren Badlands – poisonous geysers, swamps, and dry desert winds make this location very different from anything else you see in the game. Treat it as an extreme exploration experience. 
  • Secret Side Path – the Pokémon here look like giants because you shrink to the size of the tiniest ant. Even the smallest creatures will turn into colossuses! 

You can visit each of the maps during the day or at night and take unique snaps in different scenes. You can meet the new Pokémon at the new locations including Tropius, Rockruff, Feraligatr, Onyx, and many more! 

New Pokémon Snap poster

Additionally, the update introduced some brand new stickers, frames, filters, icons, and research titles. The overall gameplay has also been tweaked in various ways to improve the experience and make it more streamlined. For instance, the option to search Pokémon photos of other layers now works faster and lets you explore user-generated content in a more streamlined manner. 


Pokémon Snap was released at the end of April, but it already includes over 40 locations full of exciting interactive stuff and dozens of our favorite Pokémon to meet. Are you already enjoying the new content? What would you like to see in the next update? Share the piece with other fans and join the chat in the comments below. More news is on the way, so stay tuned as well.

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