Remake of Final Fantasy XI Was Cancelled

  • Joshua Jackson
  • 24 Mar 2021

The rumors about the cancellation of the Final Fantasy XI mobile version appeared back in 2020. It had to be the reboot of the popular game. Today, it was officially confirmed on the Japanese website. It looks like Square Enix and Nexon, their development partner, decided that the game which came by the title Final Fantasy XI R simply does not answer the high standards of the whole series. Those employees who had been working on this game’s development were redeployed to other game projects.

The developers announced their plans for the mobile version of Final Fantasy XI R in 2015. However, the struggle began almost immediately. One year after this announcement, numerous screenshots and various materials about the game appeared on the internet. Yet, Nexon and Square Enix quickly removed them. While many users decided that the reason for such a quick reaction was a surprise effect both companies hoped for, the recent announcement made it clear that companies had not had any material ready back then.

The game was originally planned as the mobile remake of FF11. With the available PC version of FF11, this game had to continue the land of Vana’diel. Perhaps, the FF14 constantly growing world has displaced this intention.

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