Slight Changes to Google Maps Look

  • Elijah Martin
  • 20 Jul 2022

You, for sure, know about Google Maps, and this navigation app saves thousands of tourists every day when they come to a new country. Maps can be helpful in many ways, and location sharing is one of the best tools it can offer you. With this feature, you can keep track of your family when you go out to a new place or see where your children play around the neighborhood.

Many updates bring something new to the app, but the latest one doesn’t seem as big. The main change is the look of the classic icon for location sharing on Google Maps. Previously, it was a photo of the user circled around with a white pin. For some, it reminded me of an old-school look of paper maps, which many drivers still actually carry around. Shared location is a vital part of Google Maps, and the developers always try to do their best regarding new updates.

Nevertheless, you can now welcome a new cleaner look for a shared location. It might not seem like that big of a deal, but it is still a major change. Now, the pin doesn’t have a full white circle but only a profile photo on the app. When you want to see details about the location, there will be parts of white circling underneath the picture. This look for shared location is certainly new and unexpected, but for the sake of users, it can come out with a bunch of changes later this month.

Of course, this update is not so amusing and enticing since minor changes in design don’t make much difference for many users. Google Maps is still going for a sharp modern aesthetic for its app, so this minor fix might favor the developers. Currently, this new feature was spotted in Maps 11.38.2, but as always, updates can come in a full batch after some weeks.

Do you think this update is helpful? What parts should Google Maps really change? Please, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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