Snapchat Gets TikTokier with Musical Lenses

  • Elijah Martin
  • 16 Nov 2021

Once known for its self-destruction timer and privacy features, now Snapchat is famous for its AR filters that add masks and scenes in real-time. With the new announcement, it may become even closer to the most popular social media like TikTok. Yes, Snapchat is going to add licensed music to its filters.

What triggered the announcement was the deal Snapchat signed with Sony Records, making tracks by Sony available in the app. With it, users will be able to create music videos with licensed music, pretending they are singing along or just dancing and fooling around to these tracks. Yes, they will be able to make these videos together with friends.

Sony was the last major label to sign a deal with Snapchat, which now has contracts with all the major labels in the world. This means the music library is virtually infinite, and anyone can find a track to dance or sing to. If you remember, that’s what made and then TikTok this popular. It will also boost the popularity of the most demanding tracks and artists.

Expect more masks and filters that feature music. These masks will be marked with a musical note, so you can only choose between them – or avoid them if you need purely visual effects. As usual, Snapchat provides the platform, and its creative users will make and upload their own filters for everyone to use.

This is the logical next step after launching Sounds in summer 2020. Since that moment, over 1.2B videos have been made, and they have been viewed over 77B times. Music is what everyone likes, and Snapchat improves its collaboration with musical giants.

Will you use these musical lenses? Are you ready to sing along and share it with your friends, or will you rather watch others do it? What song would you like to perform in an AR mask? Tell us about your dreams and expectations in the comments!

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