Snapchat May Collaborate with Selfie Drones Developers to Bring More Content

  • Elijah Martin
  • 09 Feb 2022

In 2017, there have been rumors and talks of Snapchat acquiring the Zero Zero Robotics company that specializes in creating drone devices with cameras. The distinct feature of such drones is how foldable and compact they are, so users can easily travel with them and create content. Now, it seems that the collaboration between Snapchat and drone developers is on its way. 

The Zero Zero Hover drone offers a lot of options for content recording, which makes perfect sense in connection to Snapchat. At the moment, Snapchat doesn’t seem to be interested in acquiring the drone-development company and they are not on the list of investors. However, the XDA Developers team noticed that the Snapchat app back-end code has a new ‘Cheerio’ functionality that most likely refers to integration with drones. It is more than likely that the two companies decided to partner up and such collaboration definitely sounds interesting. There is no information at the moment regarding any Snapchat plans to start selling drones, but it’s obvious that development work is in the process.

Snapchat already has camera-enabled glasses called Spectacles and the addition of drones can make the experience even better. Obviously, the long-term vision of the company is proper AR integration for Spectacles, but this option still has a long way to go.

Selfie drones can represent an exciting feature, but it will also be interesting to see the potential pricing. The connection to Snap and the compact design of the Hover drones are likely to make these devices quite popular.

What do you think about this alleged project? Would you like to own a selfie drone? Please, share your thoughts about this collaboration in the comments below.

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