Sony Offers Horizon Forbidden West Upgrade From PS4 to PS5

  • Joshua Jackson
  • 05 Sep 2021

After Sony was criticized by its users, the company decided to offer $10 PS4 to PS5 upgrades of the game. Sony plans to provide a free upgrade of the Horizon Forbidden West game shortly after they revealed that there would be no upgrade transition for PS4 players. Fans were visibly upset after the news since the company originally promised the free transfer from PS4 to PS5 for all owners of this game. Now Sony takes back the words and returns to the original plan.

CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan, says that the company declined the previous plan and decided to offer the upgrade for free. Despite the fact that Forbidden West has delayed its start due to a pandemic, the company is going to provide a free transition to the owners of the game. The previous plan was to sell the Horizon Forbidden West Digital Deluxe edition for $79.99, Collector’s edition for $199.99, and Regalla edition for $259.99 to all PS4 owners. After that, players could enjoy both PS4 and PS5 game versions.

After their recent statement, Sony offered a $10 upgrade option for physical and digital versions of PlayStation popular titles with first-party cross-gen gameplay. Gran Turismo 7 and the new God of War, as well as other popular cross-gen games, will work on your PS5 after you pay a $10 transition if they were previously purchased for PS4.

About Horizon Forbidden West

This action RPG has an open world of incredible beauty located in California, Nevada, and Utah after the apocalypses. There is a loveable character Aloy, the huntress that has to survive in a new world filled with vicious machines. This world is filled with numerous secrets that the player has to uncover. You will recognize multiple locations, including Yosemite Valley and the place that was San Francisco many years ago.

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