Spotify Personalizes Music Further with Reviews and Blended Mixes

  • Elijah Martin
  • 02 Jun 2021

The greatest thing about listening to the music on Spotify is how personal it takes your tastes and how flexibly it caters to them. In 2021, Spotify pushes it even further, with the in-app experience named Only You. It’s somewhat similar to Spotify Wrapped, the annual review that sums your musical preferences and lets you share them on social media. 

Among Only You experiences, there are some quite unusual – like a sort of musical astrology, making your birth charts according to the artist you listen to the most (as the sun) and the one reflecting you the most (as the moon).  

spotify app screenshot

Another great option is named Blend and found in the “Made for Two” section of the hub. You will be able to invite another Spotify user and make a shared playlist that reflects the tastes of you both. This playlist is AI-curated, and both users affect its changes. The tastiest thing about it is that Blend works with free accounts as well. 

Only You will be available through a dedicated hub on the app that will later be relocated into the already existing Made for You. This scheduled redesign will let users explore this mode, and then it will be integrated with the already familiar personalized hub. Spotify creators are sure that users will love it.

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