Spotify Releases Renovated Desktop & Web Apps

  • Alexander Brown
  • 29 Mar 2021

On March 25, Spotify rolled out a redesigned version of its web application and a new app for Windows and Mac computers. The changes are already available for users globally and improve the navigation and controls in playlists, library, queue, radio, search, and other sections. The renovated app is a lot less cluttered and provides a more streamlined experience than the previous version. 

Some of the most notable changes include the new, more accessible search bar between the Home and Library tabs on the left and the reduced number of destinations in the navigation bar. Now the sections are hidden within the YourLibrary tab, and you have to call them with a left-click. The new library features only four main categories, including Playlists, Podcasts, Artists, and Albums. The song/podcast adding is now a simple drag-and-drop process. The idea is to let users become Spotify curators through playlists and customization. 

How do you like the redesigned Spotify app for the web and desktop? Is it much better now, or they still have to improve it? Share the news with other Spotify users and join the conversation below.

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