Tencent's Timi Generated $10 Billion in 2020

  • Alexander Brown
  • 08 Apr 2021

Based on the recent report about Tencent’s Timi studio 2020 income, we can conclude that the developer of Honor of Kings and Call of Duty Mobile is now the largest in the entire world! 

Now the studio’s ambitions to compete with AAA titles for PC and consoles don’t seem too brave. The company is already building studios in Los Angeles and recruits developers for a AAA game with a virtual community similar to the Ready Player One movie. 

While Timi’s income wasn’t officially declared, the overall Tencent revenue from online games in 2020 was $23.79 billion. The anonymous insiders claim that Timi generated over 40% of the amount.  Lightspeed and Quantum studio (PUBG Mobile) made 29%, and the rest was made by smaller studios, including the Moonlight Blade Mobile developer, Aurora Studios Group, with 3% of income. 

Tencent hasn’t commented upon the information yet but declared that the Q4 2020 revenue was 29% higher than the Q3 revenue. Do you think that the company’s intentions to conquer the AAA gaming world are going to work out? Let’s chat about this in the comments and invite other gamers by sharing the article on social networks.

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