The New Fall Guys Theme Named “Nightmare before Christmas”

  • Taylor Anderson
  • 13 Dec 2021

Fall Guys won’t look the same this season. At Game Awards 2021, Mediatonic, the developer of the game, announced a new theme coming to the game this winter. The new theme will be inspired by Nightmare Before Christmas by Disney Studios.

It’s organic for Fall Guys to find inspiration in Disney project. The game is originally cartoonish and jolly, and yet it offers dramatic competition, as players go through funny and colorful levels to the final, and few of them make it. This combination of lightmindedness and drama makes Fall Guys attractive for many categories of players (and the most unusual Battle Royale game of the latest years).

The theme will feature three characters from Nightmare Before Christmas, namely Jack Skellington, Sally, and the Mayor. As usual, the skins will be available in two parts and sold for kudos. If you want to buy some of them (or maybe all), you better prepare: the skins will appear in the store on December 16 and will stay there until December 27.

The collaboration will also include the Santa Jack Challenge, offering extra points for extra Christmas-themed rounds. If you succeed in these, you can win an extra skin – that of Santa Jack. There is little known about these extra rounds beyond the very fact they exist and will be available this month.

This will not be the first collaboration between Fall Guys and Disney. In the past season, there has been the Jungle Book theme, inspired by one of the most classical Disney films ever. It fit the season as it was jungle-themed. Neither will it be the last appearance of Disney characters and locations in Fall Guys; at least, so we hope, as it’s always fun.

Do these new skins make Fall Guys more fun for you? Do you like Nightmare before Christmas at all? Which other Disney characters would you like to see in Fall Guys? We’re waiting for your answer in the comments!

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