The Premium Lite YouTube Subscription Is Tested on European Markets

  • Sophia Robinson
  • 04 Aug 2021

It has been a while since YouTube started offering a Premium subscription plan that brings additional features and removes ads. Now, the company decided to present the Premium Lite version of the subscription to European users. It costs less, $11.99 or €6.99 a month, and has a limited set of features for those who don’t need everything that a full version provides.

At the moment, the subscription is in its test mode and can be purchased by users living in Denmark, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Finland, Belgium, Sweden, and Norway. As opposed to the full Premium subscription, the Lite one doesn’t allow subscribers to use YouTube music, download videos for offline use, or have access to background playback. The feature that you will get with Premium Lite is watching videos without ads both on YouTube and YouTube Kids, regardless of the device that you use. This includes iOS and Android smartphones, game consoles, and smart TVs.

This update is a good option for those who don’t use additional features but are tired of constant ads that appear on videos. Some people mentioned that you pay over half of the price of an average Premium subscription when you get Lite, but the only real advantage is that you remove ads. So, it’s up to each user to decide whether this subscription is worth it. The subscription plan is currently in its testing stage, so we may see some additional features or other changes based on the response that developers get from users.

What do you think about this Premium Lite subscription? Do you think it is worth it, or is it better to just pay for the full version? Tell us what you think in the comments and share the news with others!

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