Threads App by Meta Enhances User Experience with New Features

  • Benjamin Taylor
  • 07 Aug 2023

Meta’s text-based app, Threads, is enhancing the user experience with a series of updates. The highlight of these updates is the ability to view liked posts, a feature that became available to all users following a successful beta test on Android. Users can now conveniently access their preferred content by navigating to Settings > Your Likes from their profile page. This is a contrast to competitor platforms like Twitter (now known as X), which has a separate tab for likes on the user profile.

Another significant update rolled out by Meta is the introduction of a new media upload quality option. This feature allows users to upload images and videos of superior quality, ensuring they have the best possible visual experience on the platform. Users can find this option by heading to Settings > Account > Media Quality. This endeavor, like the ability to view liked posts, is another step by Meta to amplify user satisfaction and enhance interaction on their platform.

In addition to improving content discovery and media quality, Threads has also introduced a sorting feature for the 'following' list. Users can now streamline their following list based on the 'Latest first' and 'Earlier first' criteria. To access this feature, users need to tap on the follower face pile under their bio and then navigate to the ‘Following’ tab. This is yet another user-centric move by Threads to make the platform more personalized and accessible.

While these updates bring a fresh wave of usability and convenience to the Threads app, the company has hinted at more significant rollouts in the pipeline. Mark Zuckerberg, the head of Meta, indicated that highly sought-after features such as post-search and a web version of the app could be on the horizon in the upcoming weeks.

Threads, launched just last month, has had an impressive start, with 100 million users signing up for the service in the first five days of its inception. Despite a reported dip in usage over time, according to various analytics firms, these updates are likely to rekindle user interest and engagement. The ability to navigate liked posts, upload high-quality media, and sort the following list promises enhanced user satisfaction. It will be interesting to watch how Threads continues to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of its users.

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