TikTok Launches Brand Lift Study to Enhance User-Brand Interaction

  • Elijah Martin
  • 07 Jul 2021

It’s a branded world today, and social media can well benefit from reflecting it. Not only does, say, the fastest growing one – TikTok – acknowledge how much brands matter for its users. It even declares its interest in collaborating with brands on a more scientific basis. That’s why TikTok launches Brand Lift Study (BLS) – a project meant to improve interaction between TikTok users, brands present in the media, and TikTok itself.

With BLS, advertisers will be able to collect data on users’ behavior that will be helpful in rating the success of campaigns. Not that TikTok did not collect it before. But BLS will let major advertisers access the data they want directly. And not only major ones, probably. At least, the announcement does not mention how large a campaign should be in order to participate.

Effectively, BLS does its work through polls. These polls appear as animated interactive videos with music, which makes them congruent with the overall style of TikTok. So, while the platform collects data on what its users do, polls can complement these stocks with what users want, like, or don’t like about certain brands or their campaigns.

To launch this project, TikTok joined forces with Kantar, one of the most prominent agencies in market research. And it’s not only to confirm that TikTok is the world’s best platform for advertising and interacting with brands. The spokespersons confess they still don’t fully understand the process, so BLS will help them learn it better as well.

The first company participating in BLS was Mars Wrigley, using two In-Feed Ads in autumn 2020 and studying the effect of the campaign. The results really provided a better understanding of how advertising worked. Given the popularity of TikTok, other advertisers are sure to follow very soon, so, TikTokers, prepare to see more polls in your feeds.

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