TikTok May Allow Pinning Videos to Your Profile

  • Samuel Wilson
  • 23 Sep 2021

A new TikTok feature is in the test stages. This time, the dancy app may enable you to pin certain videos to your profile.

As it turns out, the Chinese fun app is testing a brand-new feature: video pinning. And here’s what it’s going to do exactly: you’ll be able to pin a selection of your videos to the top of your profile. 

In turn, this will allow new visitors to learn what kind of content you prefer producing. As a result, this can increase audience engagement, as well as provide a more quality viewer experience.

At the same time, the probable new feature will unlock a bigger potential for advertising: the promotional clips can be presented to the newcomers directly, which is way more efficient.

While the function is still in the workshop, you can fiddle with its beta. It allows pinning up to three “chosen” videos only, so select the finest examples from your artistic portfolio. 

Twitter and other social media (even stillborn Getter), allow pinning the posts that their authors cherish the most. 

While for some it can be an innocent vanity booster, like a tweet with a huge amount of retweets, for others it’s an opportunity to promote their talent, product, or idea.

At the moment, TikTok has 1 billion active users every month. Almost one-half of them produce videos, while others open the app to binge-watch them. And the fan base of the app is going to grow.

TikTok sees even more activity during the holiday seasons. With Halloween and Thanksgiving being around the corner, brands shouldn’t miss an opportunity to gain more traction. 

It seems, soon you’ll be able to exhibit your best clips to every visitor on TikTok. What other features do you think the app lacks? What else does it desperately need to offer? Share your opinion with us!

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