TikTok Will Require Verification of All Political Accounts

  • Alexander Brown
  • 28 Sep 2022

TikTok is taking a step to making its platform more transparent by requiring all US government departments as well as political parties and politicians to go through a verification process to ensure their legitimacy. Additionally, it aims to ban all videos that will be used for fundraising purposes.

TikTok is not alone in that with all major social media platforms trying to curb political misinformation, especially since US midterm elections are drawing close. For years, Twitter has been a cesspool of political propaganda, and it seems that now they are taking steps to stop it once and for all.

Political accounts should now submit a request that will allow them to be verified. This will allow TikTok to check their authenticity and whether the accounts truly belong to the person that they are representing. Verified accounts will be marked with a blue ckeck mark allowing the users to quickly identify whether the account was verified or not. 

To ensure that everyone goes through the procedure of verification, all political accounts that have not done so will not have any access to advertising features.

Furthermore, TikTok is planning to make an update to the existing policies in order to prohibit fundrasing campaigns. Content that has politicians asking for donations will be immediately banned. 

Also, political accounts will not be able to make use of money-making features that are used by influencers, including gifting and digital payments.

Do you think that Twitter has a major impact on US election campaigns? Do you believe that the steps that Twitter is taking are enough to ensure that their platform is not abused by politicians? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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