Tinder Rolls Out a New “Wedding” Feature

  • Alexander Brown
  • 21 Oct 2021

Finding a partner to attend the wedding of your colleague or distant cousin will be easier now. Tinder is adding a feature to support you at that wedding and not leave you alone.

Via Tinder, you’ll be able to find a “wedding partner”. Although it sounds misleading, in reality, the app will browse people in your vicinity who need someone to attend a ceremony with. Or those who are ready to be a companion.

This option is a part of Tinder Explore — a new segment, where people can find each other based on their matching interests.

Another upcoming wedding-related feature will allow the ceremony guests to fund the wedding season. This will be called Wedding Grant, and the app’s partner on this noble initiative will be WeddingWire.

Moreover, the first 100 verified users who will join the program, will receive a gift bonus of $460. However, they’ll be able to use that money only to fund someone’s wedding expenses: honeymoon trip, hotels, gifts, enormous cake, and other typical stuff.

As it’s the year-end season, more and more weddings are taking place. Via the feature — dubbed Plus One — people can kill two birds with one stone.

First, they’ll find a plus one. Second, he or she can be a potential romance candidate. This way is more time-efficient than swiping non-stop, looking for someone interesting.

Another Tinder’s clever feature stems from the recent partnership with Lyft. Now, you can pay for your date’s taxi ride directly in the app. The best part is that sharing address or GPS location is not required at all: the app took care of security.

Finally, to avoid cringe-inducing situations, users will be able to filter out people from their phone book via Tinder, so they won’t see them on the app.

As the wedding season is in full swing, you’ve probably already got an invitation. Use Plus One and let us know how it all went.

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