Tinder Talks Metaverse & Virtual Currency!

  • Alexander Brown
  • 09 Dec 2021

Tinder is making its first steps towards erasing the boundaries between online and offline communication. CEO Renate Nyborg has also announced testing of in-app currency and a reward system for good user behavior. Let’s take a closer look at what experiences they’re preparing for us.

Shared Virtual Spaces

As Nyborg says, the Tinerverse will be based on an idea of shared virtual spaces that will let users interact using different gadgets to explore various virtual environments. VR and AR experiences are very likely to appear to make that concept alive. 

Bumble Joins

On the wave of metaverse talks, another popular dating app Bumble has also announced its plans to adopt whatever the global metaverse offers to bring online dating to new heights. 

The Pandemic Impact

It’s quite clear that the COVID-19 pandemic made the idea of metaverses more actual than ever. People need real-life communication, but if there’s no other way than to communicate online, a metaverse is called to blur the boundaries between online and the real world. After Facebook changed its name to Meta Platforms, it became obvious that the trend is set for many years, if not decades, upfront. 

What It Will Be?

Although we don’t have much information on how the metaverse dating experience will function, the topic is nothing but thrilling. Do you have an idea how the-so-normal online dating is going to work in VR or AR? Will we be able to recreate ourselves for online communication, or is it just another funny VR game coming? Will it be a magic pill for online dating or a big threat to “healthy” dating? Let’s chat about it in the comments. You can also invite your friends to the discussion by sharing the link to the article on social networks!

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