Trauma-Informed Strategy for Member Support in Tinder

  • Alexander Brown
  • 02 Feb 2022

Tinder, which is currently on top of the dating app market, has chosen its member safety characteristics as a focal point since the scandalous report showed the app let proven sexual predators use it. Back then, in 2019, the reason lay in the lack of background check functions.

After a couple of months of cooperation with RAINN, namely Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network, Tinder redesigned its member support programs to adopt enhanced trauma-informed support measures for survivors of abuse and harassment. According to Tracey Breeden, VP of Safety and Social Advocacy for Tinder and Match Group, the team takes it as their responsibility to support the members who might have experienced harm through every part of their journey.

Essence of New Update

A new approach to managing reports on serious abuse and harassment is the initial stage of the evolution of the Tinder member support curriculum. The measures include:

  • improving access to Tinder’s network of survivor’s resources;

  • some product updates;

  • continuous education for internal teams.

The team members will learn how to detect cases of abuse and reply to these reports. The training has become an essential part of Tinder’s onboarding practices. It also includes training for internal teams at Garbo, its non-profit dating app maker. Thus members will be supported by the background inspections on their matches via Garbo.

Result of Tinder-RAINN Partnership

The Tinder Safety Center is accessible from any place in the app now, which lessens the number of taps for a user to locate the resource. Though Tinder’s roll-out is both about protecting dating app users and the business itself, these measures will enable Tinder to react faster to bad actors. A key dating app audience, young women, might benefit from these changes the most. 

Since safety concerns go hand in hand with the dating app market, this solution might change lives. What do you think about the innovations in Tinder’s safety features? The comments section is open to your feedback.

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