Uber Ditches Its Apple Watch App

  • Isabella Roberts
  • 16 Jan 2022

How comfortable was it to order your Uber ride from your wrist! Or no? Probably you won’t know it now that Uber withdraws its Apple Watch support. You’ve got your iPhone, that’s what the watch app says now instead of how long it will take you to get there. Uber apologizes for any inconvenience caused by this decision but doesn’t intend to review it.

Probably the official watch app was not received as supposed. With it, you could request a ride from the small screen, watch the ride approach, and check the time left till you’re there. On the other hand, it was much less convenient than on iPhone, unless you only had an LTE version of the watch and no phone at all. Not the most popular situation, frankly speaking.

The app is still present on the official Uber page on App Store, but no more downloadable and functional, and you have literally no reason, except for nostalgia or nonconformism, to keep it on your watch. Those with old models may be glad to have even one small app less; others may feel different. If you cared the most about notifications, though, there still will be generic notifications by iOS, which doesn’t require a dedicated watch app.

In fact, there was nothing that the watch app added to the user experience, except for the very possibility to make requests and track your location without an iPhone. On later devices, it was more comfortable to track your driver on the map as they approach. Still, it’s nowhere near a phone screen.

Probably for the same reasons Uber has long ago discontinued its app for Wear OS. It had enough time to compare user experience and the demand for a dedicated app. And the results were not satisfactory, either for Uber or for those few who really needed a wearable app for their rides.

Have you ever used Uber from your watch exclusively? Will you miss its app on your Apple Watch? If it does matter to you, you can share your thoughts and feelings in the comments.

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