Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer for PC Delayed Again

  • Elijah Martin
  • 08 Mar 2021

It has been promised that Watch Dogs: Legion will receive multiplayer features no later than March 9, 2021. Now Ubisoft changes its plans again. According to the latest statement, the update is delayed once more. No new date (even an approximate one) has been specified.

Watch Dogs: Legion was released in October 2020, with updates for PS5 and Xbox Series X following in November. The initial version, though, was single player only (as far as it could be “single”, given the recruiting feature). Multiplayer abilities of WD: Legion seemed to be something incredible. But not this time. Today, instead of playing versus (or along with) protein players, we are still stuck with silicon opponents. Detailed as the NPCs are here, they cannot replace the human touch.

The worst of it is that the new date has not been articulated at all. Not only will the postpone affect PC players; the bugs that caused the delay also show on console versions. So players on other platforms (PlayStation, Xbox, or Stadia) will be able to play the Tactical Op co-op mode on March 23 (unless something goes wrong again). As for Spiderbot Arena, the PvP mode, it is already confirmed that console owners and streamers can access it now.

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