What Project Is the Developer of Crash Bandicoot Hiring for?

  • Charlotte Roberson
  • 10 Dec 2021

Along with the latest Crash Bandicoot installment, the developer with a memorable name Toys for Bob is now responsible for Call of Duty: Warzone. But it seems that Toys for Bob is after another project which is neither of these. At least, so is the impression from the recent listings it published.

According to the recent post in Toys for Bob’s blog, the company wants a new senior concept artist. The long description of the company itself includes the list of games it’s been making – that is, also Overwatch, Tony Hawk games, Spyro, or Skylander. That’s the hit list to be proud of, yes. The conditions offered are also seductive: a good location in California, creative approach to work, strong voice in the visual aspect of the game. But the description of the vacancy itself does not specify which project requires a new specialist.

It seems even stranger, given that when Toys for Bob needed someone to work at Call of Duty projects, it mentioned the name in the description of the job. What can it be, then? One can assume it’s another Crash Bandicoot installment or at least a big DLC. But again, why don’t they call the name of the project? The same reason applies to any other possible guessing.

The explanation may be that the project Toys for Bob is preparing is new for it, as well as for its mothership Activision. Still, among all the projects we already know, chances are it’s some new Crash Bandicoot stuff. Not only because it’s 2022, the 25th anniversary of the famous bandicoot in blue jeans. But also because in September Activision and Toys for Bob vaguely promised some new Crash stuff, along with Crashyverse release.

Which project would you prefer to get more content – Call of Duty: Warfare, or Crash Bandicoot: It’s About Time? Or would you rather be surprised with some new title from such famous developers? Share what you think in a comment!

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