What to See on New GTA Online Update

  • Marc Wilson
  • 19 Aug 2022

It is time for the new update for GTA Online, and this one actually brings something exciting. If you were thinking about getting a vacation, it is the right time to head to Cayo Perico island, where the fun only begins.

Added back in 2020, Cayo Perico held its famous Heist and then disappeared from the radar. Don’t be upset as Rockstar Games decided to bring new activities to the island. You will have an opportunity to participate in 10 races across the land and get your respectful GTA$ and RP.

Moreover, there are collectibles, of course. Although, there might be some trouble on your way to acquiring them. On the beautiful beaches, you will be able to find “Buried Stashes”. First, you will need to equip a metal detector and then spend some time wandering around the endless sands of Cayo Perico, looking for RP and some money.

And that is not it all. The update also brings an amazing new vehicle to the game. You definitely need to see Declasse Draugur, which can be your next choice for the races. Take time to upgrade this car since it can literally become a reinforced fortress on wheels.

Rockstar Games are looking for ways to let the fans re-explore GTA Online with new events and vehicles. We might see more news about the coming projects this year, but so far, we need to focus on the upcoming patches.

GTA Online holds a huge multiplayer audience, which is also incredibly dedicated. There are a lot of things you can experience in the game, and it fully becomes your second life. The company releases updates almost weekly. It is a great attraction for many players. Besides regular races, there are also activities you can take part in, like full-on roleplaying.

Are you excited about Cayo Perico races? What would you like to do on the island? Please, share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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