Windows 11 Delays Android App Support

  • Elijah Martin
  • 07 Sep 2021

Microsoft is only starting the process of Android app testing for its Windows 11. Windows 11 will be released on October 5, and there is no way that Microsoft will make its Android apps support on time. In the next few months, Microsoft will roll out its tests for Windows 11.

According to the head manager of Windows marketing at Microsoft Company, Aaron Woodman, they are working hard to provide new services to the Windows 11 owners. The new features appeared in the Microsoft, Intel, and Amazon collaboration. During the upcoming months, the company is going to check the Windows Insiders.

This statement confirms that the Android apps service is highly unlikely to appear on Windows 11 until 2022. Microsoft, in the meantime, is busy testing the service with Windows Insiders before it rolls out. We can’t tell the exact date, but we are pretty sure it will take several months or more. So, one of the most expected features will not be ready for the big release of Windows 11. However, Microsoft still provides a promised integration of Microsoft Teams and an advanced design to its users. Snap Layouts, Start menu, Desktops for multitasking, and Groups all are improved in the new version of Windows. The Microsoft Store app is also updated.

Microsoft officials confirmed that Windows 11 will be available for users in October. Every owner of Windows 10 can update the system to Windows 11. Owners of the new PCs will receive this system before others. The rest of the Windows users will get access to the update in the next weeks and months. By the middle of 2022, all Windows 10 owners will be able to switch the system to Windows 11, according to the Microsoft Company. The system is free of charge and contains numerous fixes. However, you can keep your Windows 10 version unchanged if you like.

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