YouTube TV on iOS Devices Will Now Get the Picture-in-Picture Feature

  • Elijah Martin
  • 12 Feb 2022

YouTube TV continues to add new features to its arsenal and now it is time for the picture-in-picture technology. Shortly referred to as PiP, this feature has already been introduced to Android devices, and now it will soon appear on iPads and iPhones where YouTube TV is installed.

According to Neal Mohan, the chief product officer of YouTube, the support for this useful feature will appear on iOS devices in the upcoming months, but the company doesn’t share any specific dates at the moment. Android users have had access to this feature for some time now, so it’s interesting that it’s been taking much longer for iOS users to get it.

In addition to the mentioned function, the developers are also working on new features that will appear on the streaming service. One of such features is surround sound, which became available on a limited number of devices last year.

Mohan stated that the company is also not too happy about the fact that things are taking longer than expected. The chief product officer mentioned that he hopes a lot more devices will get the necessary updates over the next six months.

YouTube TV had a number of misunderstandings with different companies last year. The most widely discussed one had to do with Disney. Months ago, Disney decided to ban ABC, ESPN, and a number of other channels that could be accessed on YouTube TV. Just recently, YouTube TV and Disney found common ground and now you can access FX, ESPN, and many other Disney channels on the streaming platform. As for the picture-in-picture feature, hopefully, developers won’t keep users waiting for too long.

Do you use YouTube TV as your go-to streaming service? What features do you think it’s missing? Please, tell us what you think about this service.

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