Zoom Reveals New SDK for Video Services

  • Elijah Martin
  • 22 Mar 2021

This is not the first public announcement of Zoom’s unique tools they use. The company has been sharing the instruments with other developers for quite some time. Last year they revealed Zoom Apps and a specific Marketplace to sell the apps. And now they have announced a new software development kit that helps developers to insert video services of Zoom into another app.

Product Marketing Manager of Zoom, Natalie Mullin, announced the new SDK in her blog post. She said that this tool helps developers to install audio, video, and other interactive Zoom features into the video-based apps. Keeping the original interfaces, you can leverage the most popular Zoom components.

To insert an HD video offered by Zoom inside your app, you can code it by yourself. However, the simplest way is to use the new SDK, which helps to add the video with few simple moves. It saves users lots of nerves and time.

Zoom developers believe that the new tool will be incredibly helpful to the gaming, social, and retail apps. Video and audio presence is necessary for them. Retail businesses also can improve their appearance on the market with videos about the products they sell or video feedback from the customers.

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