Zoom Rolls Out A Host of New Features, Among Them Gesture Recognition and Whiteboard

  • Alexander Brown
  • 25 Apr 2022

Zoom users will receive a host of new tools to make their time on the platform more convenient and enjoyable. These include strengthened security settings, enhancements to Zoom Events, and enhanced chat management. Among the key innovations are the Whiteboard feature and the gesture recognition option.
Here is more about what we are getting with the new update:


Zoom Whiteboard has become more functional, allowing users to change shapes and add stickers and images. During meetings, this helpful feature may be used to make notes utilizing textual information and visual elements. Once a video call completes, the whiteboard information can be saved for later. Whiteboard is already available for Zoom Meetings, Zoom Rooms, and the desktop Zoom. In the future, this option might extend to Zoom Chat too.

Gesture recognition

In its current state, Zoom's gesture recognition technology only allows recording certain hand gestures like thumbs up or a raised hand. However, very shortly, the company plans to expand its selection of visual gestures that will help display user reactions during meetings.

IQ for Sales

This tool relies on artificial intelligence to increase sales efficiency and optimize the speed of closing deals. The new Zoom IQ for Sales instrument will examine customer interactions during a sales meeting and help users making a video call receive real-time information on the transaction status, along with a detailed analysis of the call for several parameters.

Better login security

To prevent unauthorized logins, Zoom has introduced one-time passwords for users who log in with their work emails that do not have two-factor authentication.

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