iOS-Android Chat History Transfer Comes to WhatsApp

  • Alexander Brown
  • 02 Aug 2021

If you switched mobile operating systems at least once, you know that it’s impossible to access WhatsApp chats on more than one device at a time. You can already use the early multi-device WhatsApp version to access your chats in the web app, but the feature is still unavailable for smartphones. 

The Change Is Coming

9To5Google reports that Google develops an update for the Data Restore Tool. It already allows transferring files from one Android device to another or from iOS or iPadOS to Android. The update will enable chat transfer for WhatsApp, and provide simultaneous access to the messages from different mobile devices. 

The cross-platform chat transfer feature is still questionable as there can be issues with Android-to-iOS transfers. The Data Restore Tool can send the file from iOS to Android, but it can’t perform the transfer in the opposite direction. 

Whatsapp image

That’s not Google’s fault, though. The feature won’t work as we all want it until WhatsApp developers add the needed device migration settings to the source code. The good news is that the feature is already available to some of the official beta-testers of the app. The feature allows them to access the chats on WhatsApp Web, Portal, and Desktop when the main smartphone is offline. 

Coming Soon?

Unfortunately, we still don’t know when the features will come out for the major public, but the fact that they are on the way is already great. Are you experiencing any issues from not being able to synchronize your WhatsApp chats across multiple devices? Will the update change the situation a lot for your everyday use scenarios? You can reply in the comments below and share the announcement with other users of this popular messenger app.

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