TikTok to Incorporate Adults-Only Option for Live Shows

  • Charlotte Roberson
  • 24 Oct 2022

TikTok is incorporating an adults-only live-stream category, allowing adult users to prevent kids from peeping into their live broadcasts. That way, the service wants to protect the underaged community members from being harrassed — while letting adult TikTok users safely enjoy everything live streaming has to offer. Keep reading for further details.

Based on the newly tweaked TikTok policy, which will become valid in late November, the minimum age for hosting a live broadcast is raised from sixteen to eighteen. There’s a solid background for this major policy update. It dates back to the hefty fines from the UK authorities for failing to safeguard kids’ privacy in-app. Based on the corresponding investigation, TikTok could have silently obtained and saved identification data from kids under 13 without their parents’ approval. 

This new overhaul also grants content creators the possibility to go live with up to five extra participants. Upon getting the live broadcast going, its participants are free to customize various streaming settings to their needs by incorporating effects, sorting comments, and assigning moderators. So, if you’re a professional influencer looking to transform your streams into major shows, this coming update is right up your street. 

At the end of the day, TikTok will continue forbidding nudity and overall explicit content. Its adult-only shows are allowed to use colorful language and sensitive topics. This could be particularly useful for adult comedy content or when hosts talk about their life's challenges and want to be sure their audience is strictly 18 and up. What are your thoughts on this enhancement? Have your say in the comments below. We’re looking forward to receiving your feedback.

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