WhatsApp Offers Easier Switch Between Android and iOS

  • Elijah Martin
  • 26 Jan 2022

WhatsApp users can finally switch their phones without losing their messaging history. Messaging app reveals the simplified way to bring your data from Android smartphones to iPhones. Now, you can experiment with both platforms without having to change accounts.

While you can easily exchange messages with your friends on different platforms, before the new service appeared, you could not change the platform so easily. The situation is about to change since WhatsApp comes with great news. You will be able to easily import your messages from the app on Android to iOS.

The new 22.2.74 iOS version of WhatsApp has a specific code in it that makes it simple to transport your history from Android. The same situation was found earlier in the Android beta version of the app. They both have similar functionality. According to the WABetaInfo, WhatsApp major leaker source, you will need to Move to the iOS original app to be able to transfer anything you want from one phone to another. Apparently, you will not need to use cloud storage like with iCloud or Google Drive. Instead, you will exchange the data between two devices via the Wi-Fi connection or cable.

You don’t have to wait for the new service if you have a Samsung phone and want to send the messaging history from the iPhone there. WhatsApp offers limited possibility for Samsung owners who previously used the iOS system. This chosen group of users doesn’t need to use cloud storage as well. You may also easily transfer the data from any Pixel model to the Android 12.

As for the rest of the models, you can’t transfer your WhatsApp history from Android to iOS without the third-party apps. Upcoming features WhatsApp works on will allow you to connect two platforms directly. Users will feel more secure without any other apps involved.

Have you ever experienced the same problem? Are you waiting for the new service? Share your comments below.

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