Tinder Invites Your Friends to Swipe Party

  • Elijah Martin
  • 12 Jan 2022

The new feature created by Tinder allows you to invite your best friends for a swiping session. It is called the “Swipe Party.” According to the company, this feature will turn your search into a social experience. While you will be swiping left and right your friends will hear you and see your actions, so they can comment on your choices.

This idea is not new at all. Many Tinder users prefer to ask their friends to check out the possible dates together with them. At least now your friends don’t need to block your view by trying to have a good look at the candidates. Instead, friends will be able to enter your swiping session and help you to make decisions, providing their valuable feedback.

After COVID-19 unexpectedly happened to all of us, tight connections with friends became even more valuable for many users. While you were not able to welcome your friends at your house to watch movies together or check out anything on your phone, developers began to create co-browsing apps. For example, you can watch videos together with friends on Disney+, Prime Video, or Hulu. You can try SharePlay from Apple.

The first website that spotted Swipe Party was GratisDating Tips from the Netherlands. They were browsing through the Tinder features on Android and found the code. After that other social media quickly shared the news with the world. A few days later, Swipe Party code was found on the iOS version of the app as well.

Swipe Party allows users from Tinder to invite their friends. To join the sessions, these friends have to create their own accounts of guests by providing the number of their phones and going through the validating process. They also need to share their date of birth and name before the “party” option becomes available.

Do you want your friends to join your Tinder activity? How often do you ask for their help? Impress your thoughts in the comments.

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